• W.O.R.D 2008 peeps celebrbrate their year end talent show at James Lyng High School
  • Lynn, Ayinde, Nikita, Tivon, Stefan, and Jesse at Study In Action 2009
  • W.O.R.D 2007 workshop at Tyndale St-Georges featruing guest artist The Narcicyst
  • We believe that education is paramount in empowering individuals and their communities so that they may succeed.
  • We believe that youth living in poverty and/or with violence enter the normative educational system at a disadvantage. These youth may end up resenting education and feeling disconnected from the achievability and importance of positive community involvement.
  • We believe that there is a strong need for innovative programming that speaks to marginalized youth – that encourages them to speak up for themselves and ultimately, provides them with the skills and tools required for success.

Who we are

W.O.R.D. is a youth-led literacy program that works with marginalized youth in Montreal. Through the use of positive hip hop music and culture, we educate, engage and empower youth; therefore, we facilitate the improvement of literacy and critical thinking skills while providing a safe environment for self-actualization.

Our approach

We believe that the best way to engage marginalized youth is by allowing them to speak – to make their voices heard! We promote positive hip hop culture via our dialogic educational approach; thus, we address negative media messages and the ways in which they may or may not inform and/or reflect the lives of our participants.